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    The rescue program of the Wild Animals 


    This program has the following objectives:

    • It cares and brings back to nature randomly found wild animals and birds.
    • Prevent the destruction of endangered animals
    • Protect the animals registered in the red book
    • Promote the reproduction of animals that are on the verge of destruction 

    Caring is realized due to the process of buying animals.

    We are obliged to return (feed, treat, take care, rehabilitate) animals and birds found in accidental, hurtful or healthy condition and return them to their natural environment.

    The pre-emptive process involves the use of civilized and physical targeted methods of struggle, which, due to the increase in public consciousness, eliminates or ceases violence in the animal (eg. hunting).


    The defense process is carried out as a result of special investigations following the control of the given area, keeping that plan out of disaster traps, hunters and other dangers.

    The end result is the creation of favorable conditions for the reproduction of endangered species, while not ending with care, preventive and protective activities.

    Fight Against Poaching and Hunting Growth
    Controlled Environmental Areas

    On the map are the areas that have been studied and protected by automated equipment by

    "Look At Your Hands" NGO.