4.5 Billion 

    people in the world cannot confirm their immune status


    4109 Signatures/Goal: 1.000.000

    This project is at the final stage of operation but the launch of this stage requires a certain agreement from a certain percentage of the world community. This will help us to be more confident.


    • What is the program goal

    If the vaccination program for children is to have a healthy offspring, then the goal of this program is to live in a healthy and secure society.
    We must understand that this must be a global level because our health status depends on the health of our opponent, especially when there are epidemics. Therefore, human immunization is the goal of this program. Because social high immunity is the only way to have a healthy population and fight future diseases and viruses.


    • What are its advantages?

    First of all, let's understand how it will be used. It is a multifunctional, amazing digital technology (digital certificate) that includes a bunch of necessary vaccines and information on used vaccines that will not only save lives but will be seen as an advantage to avoid data loss. The next advantage of the global immunization program is personal health safety and high resilience, which is especially important during common infections and epidemics. And finally, there is the opportunity to respond quickly to epidemics. This will help prevent any epidemics, quickly getting rid of them almost without loss.


    • Who are the main target groups?

    Usually the main target groups are infants and the elderlies. They can become carriers and carriers of the viruses, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. That's why we need mandatory immunization programs for newborns. This is especially true for poor countries, whose healthcare status is below average.


    • How to solve this problem?

    There are several solutions to this problem that needs to be addressed at the same time. The first of these is education. Secondary health education is sufficient for those living in poor countries. The second solution is to provide by medical means to poor countries. And the third option is global immunization. In other words, there should be no person in the world who does not have an immunization "certificate". This will ensure that people's health status is maximally controllable and secure.

    GIP 2020