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    Pro-life or "saving a person's life" was introduced and implemented in different countries of the world, and their main goal is the fight against artificial abortions, which are used in different ways. Walking, protest against state law, training courses. All these options are considered civilized methods of struggle, but world experience shows something else.                                                                                                             

    For example, in Prague in 2009, the effectiveness of individual forms of hostilities (marches, counseling, training programs) in Madrid and in several US states did not exceed 2% until it was interrupted by abrupt qualifications and awkward advertising (as an act of murder) or aborted pregnancy last pregnancy with caution and appeals. After such a program step, movement efficiency increased dramatically from 15% to 20%, which contributed to the reduction of all forms of abortion.


    F.A.S.S.A.  implies


    An educational program throughout Armenia's educational institutions

    Campaign Program in the form of  advertising


    Educational programs are implemented mainly in educational institutions through professional training and consultations.

    The campaign is implemented through advertising in social networks, on TV, as well as through video billboards and outdoor billboards.

    The program aims to destroy all stereotypes regarding sex-selective abortions because in Armenia there is a very high percentage of gender Imbalance.


    The program aims to:


    • Ensure the awareness of the Armenian public about sexually transmitted abortions and their consequences.

    • Break down gender stereotypes.

    • Raising public awareness about gender discrimination.

    • To contribute to the reduction of gender discrimination in Armenia.


    The fight against sex-selective abortion