What are we doing and what is our goal?

    We contribute to solving environmental issues and we promote healthy generation and environmental protection.Our goal's: 1) Prevention of the disappearance of vegetation and animals registered in the Red Book.2) Reconstruction and reconstruction of landslide and corrosive natural areas to protect the public and animals from injuries and losses.3) Disaster prevention, rehabilitation and support for disaster relief.4) Prevention and restoration of air and water pollution.

    What is our 3 priority issues?

    We are facing many challenges that require an urgent solution but are considered to be primary healthy future of children, environmental care,protection,solution and support of the problems.

    How can i protect our environment?

    Environmental protection and care are the highest level of maturity. You need to know that you breathe and live so far as your environment is living and breathing. The worse is your environmental health is so bad your health is and if you continue ignoring the environment where you live, one day the environment will stop functioning so your life will also stop. We need to take care of nature and animal life, our environment is a living organism and wants to live as you want to live. Stop polluting your environment, stop felling, hunt for animals, or eat them Start with less use wood, paper, meat products. Give a strong estimate to those who are hunting down and felling. Do not be afraid to witness such cases, please contact us and other non-governmental organizations. This is the best option for your support to your environment.

    How to become a partner?

    Being a partner means not only financial support or general ideas and but also practical support. A citizen of any country over the age of 18 who is concerned with environmental protection, care and health of a human being can become a partner.

    Who can apply for participating in small grants projects?

    Small grants projects can participating all citizens over the age of 18(21) who have a pre-developed program.The application will require to you additionally 3 letters(PDF) of recommendation from another organization and is designed special for your project. The letter must be sealed and signed.

    What will give me the sharing my ideas and offers with you?

    The best ideas and offers can become future projects and it can be a chance to work together.

    How to become a volunteer?

    To become a volunteer, you just need to contact us ([email protected]) and indicate the sector or sectors in which you want to invest your efforts and knowledge.

    What does presents social initiatives?

    The Social initiative presents: Care of elderly people,organization of fundraising for people with health urgent problems.

    What are the conditions for urgent fundraising?

    Urgent fundraising is carried out without guarantee about whether the whole amount will be collected or not. The initiative is implemented with medical certified documents. Upon completion of fundraising 20% of the collected amount is kept. (So keep in mind and always give 20% more than you need).To find out more, write us [email protected]

    What is a "LAYH" Social Network?

    This is an exclusive and the only social network in the world created exclusively for nonprofit organizations. By sign up here you will have the opportunity to find new partners, volunteers, donors and foundations to support the implementation of your projects.

    How can I get some action and find grants more urgently?

    To find quick grants, we offer two paid services: 1. Advertise on a site that will allow all donors and foundations to see and study your program if necessary contact with you. 2. Access to the grant information field, which will allow you to find direct contact with hundreds of grantmakers. These services cost just $ 15 a week. It's enough time to find the grants you need in the fields of environment, health, and more.

    What is a donorship program?

    That is a special program for donors who want to support our programs.