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    The Red-footed Falcons destruction prevention

    The Red-footed Falcon is a predatory bird and whose one of the nests zone is Armenia. Particularly in Ararat province, in the Arax river valley.The total length of the body is 28-33 cm, the total wing is 65-77 cm, body weight is 130-197g.

    This unique bird species is now on the verge of extinction since in the Central Asian region, people catch annually 120.000 to 140.000 red-footed falcons using network traps. (In October  they fly into the migration zones where people hunt them through special nets trappeds).

    In order to stop their destruction, it is necessary to promote their reproduction and security not only in Armenia, but also in all over the world.They bring great benefits to agriculture because field crops protect against attack by mice and large insects.

    This is nothing else than genocide- FALCONS GENOCIDE. Since 2010yr. more than 1.260000 Red-footed Falcons have been the victims of these cruel acts. Perhaps this is the most mass slaughter of birds, registered in the 21st. century.

                                  We have developed 3 options for preventing the destruction of these birds

    • Targeted social advertising

    • Trip to the given region for training people(education)

    • Agreements with local community leaders in order to apply legal prohibitions

    Just $10 and you'll save 1 falcon life


    These 3 programs should be implemented at the same time. It will take about 20 to 24 months but this will lead to high efficiency and after that the destruction of falcons will be stopped at least from 53% to 55%.  

    Attention: People with weak nerves are not recommended to watch

    in the program includes 4 other species registered in the red list (Armenia)